Learning Management System (LMS) for BIS
Learning Management System (LMS) for BIS programme is exclusively established for the NIIS students in support of their learning process throughout the Four years of the BIS programme. The LMS for BIS is available online at http://lms.naleemiah.edu.lk

Registered students will be enrolled in relevant courses in the LMS at the beginning of each semester of an academic year of BIS programme. Students are requested to refer/check the LMS for the BIS programme occasionally.

The LMS consists of course materials, continuous assessments, online exams, past papers, course-related notices, announcements, deadlines for various assessments, extensions and much other useful information.

At the time of registration for BIS programme, you will be provided with a student registration number which will be the username to access the LMS for BIS. You will be given a password once the registration process is completed successfully. You must provide a valid email address to access the services of VLE for BIT.