Students are admitted to the Bachelor of Arts (Special) degree programme after completion of foundation studies. Students may specialize in the field of Islamic studies with strong commitment to the entire disciplines of Islamic studies. In order to earn the Bachelor of Arts (Special) degree, a student must complete 120 credits in four academic years.

Programme Description.

The undergraduate programme is designed to equip students with a comprehensive knowledge in the major courses of the Islamic Studies, generally applied in Islamic disciplines. It offers students with relevant courses that incorporate both the theoretical and practical methods of study, covering the classical and contemporary subject matters as well as issues related to Islamic studies.

Programme Aim.

The programme is aimed at producing students with knowledge, proficiency and methodological skills capable of dealing with the fundamental sources of Islam, namely the Qur‟an and Traditions of the Prophet (Pbuh), and to make their noble teachings relevant to any condition of human life and this programme will bridge the gap between theoretical discourse and practical demands of societies.


Naleemiah Institute of Islamic Studies was granted membership by Federation of Universities of the Islamic World based in Rabat, Morocco.


The students of the institute while following the Jamiah academic studies also appear for the External degree of the University of Peradeniya

Information Technology

Special unit for computer studies called The Naleemiah Information Technology Unit

Admission Criteria

The following admission criteria apply in respect of the Academic year 2017/2018 for admission to faculty of Islamic studies (FIS), Naleemiah institute of Islamic studies society, Beruwala.

1. Selection of students for the faculty admission will be determined on the basis of Rank order on average Z scores obtained by candidates at the G.C.E (A/L) examination held in year 2015 released by the commissioner General of examinations, Sri Lanka.

2. Minimum requirement for the faculty admission, candidates who are pronounced eligible by the Commissioner General of examinations should have obtained;

a) At least “S” Grades, in all three approved subjects in one sitting, within a minimum of two attempts allowed for the faculty admission.

b) A minimum mark of 35% for the common general paper.

3. As the Arabic is the primary Language used for instruction in the faculty, the applicants wishing pursue their studies in the faculty must obtain minimum mark of 55% in the Arabic placement test (APT).

4. Special priority will be given to the candidates who successfully completed the preparatory stage of Naleemiah Institute.

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